CVRD Regional Parks Survey

Our club , along with other outdoor recreation organizations, has been invited to provide input to the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) regarding areas we would like to see established as Regional Parks in the future, and also what type of amenities we would like to have in these areas.

Dean Hodgson and Mike Nihls participated in a Zoom meeting on September 19/23 and provided the following information:

  • Our club (CVFF) would like to see Maple Lake established as a Regional Park with improved parking facilities, boat launch and a fishing platform for anglers to fish from shore.
  • We would also like to see additional land established as regional park along the Oyster River to connect Bear Creek Park upstream to the confluence of the Little Oyster and Oyster River and downstream to the estuary.
  • We also commented that we would like to see a protected park corridor along the Puntledge River from Comox Lake to the Courtenay River estuary ( Ku Kus Sum).
  • Finally, we commented that we would like to see additional beach accesses opened up with signage and improvements made as required to make the beach accesses safe eg. Stairs, regrading, etc.

Each of the organizations that participated in the Zoom meeting has been asked to provide any additional information, if any, that the organization feels important. The information will be provided to the CVRD via a Survey.

If you have any additional ideas for locations of Regional parks and associated amenities that would promote flyfishing, we would love to hear them. You can do that by simply responding to this forum.

We ask that you submit your ideas by Tuesday, September 26. Your input will be incorporated into our Club’s submission to the Regional Parks survey.

Thank you

Dean Hodgson and Mike Nihls