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General Meeting

2017-01-17 @ 7:30 pm

Our monthly meeting will be held next Tuesday, 17 January, at the Florence Filberg Centre on Anderton Ave; the meeting is in the Evergreen Seniors Lounge, on your right as you come in by the main entrance from Anderton.  The  evening begins around 1900h, with the usual BS (“beguiling stories”), dealing with all things flyfishing.  The official start is 1930h and includes a fly draw; to enter, bring three flies of your own tying.  You could win them all; Uncle Tom (Murray) runs this event and has goodies to give away also.  Should you forget your flies, you can enter by giving up $3, but we would rather you entered with flies.

This evening will have Peter Dick from the Cumberland shop speak to us on Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics double-hand lines and perhaps something on new equipment.  If time allows, I will talk about my experiences on the Elk last year, which had some notable differences from previous visits.
I will be selling new memberships for the coming year; remember that the old year’s membership ended at the end of last month.  I will also bring the coveted BCFFF decals, both static and adhesive.  Any voluntary donations to BFGAF will be gratefully accepted, no strings attached.


7:30 pm