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  • Tying the Pink Booby

    This pattern is coupled with a floating fly line for those times when Pink salmon are milling about in a fairly tight group, in a localized beach area. A sunk fly will often unintentionally foul-hook a fish in those instances. The foam “booby” eyes will keep the hook riding in the upper water column or at the surface, thereby lessening the chance for fouling. As well, this fly can be fished statically, amongst the pod of salmon, without the fear of hanging up on the bottom.
    Hook – Mustad 9174, ring-eye, size 4 or 6, sharpened and debarbed.
    Thread – Uni-thread, fluorescent…
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  • Art’s Needlefish

    by Rory E. Glennie
    Art Limber of Qualicum Bay is well known for his legendary Polar bear hair bucktails which are trolled quick-time behind a boat for Chinook salmon, and for his series of “Candy” flies cast for Coho and Pink salmon off the beach. Perhaps lesser known are his…
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  • The Origin of the General Practitioner

    Anglers on that salmon fishing ‘beat’ used to use live shrimp on a hook to fish for salmon. The land owners banned this practice so Drury developed this fly to imitate the native Northern Shrimp. He tied the fly on size 2 hooks but found that the smaller hooks caught…
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