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Hey Danny,
About your request; first, check out the most recent postings on the CVFF club website. One is under the Fishing Reports heading, the other under the Tangled Lines heading. Second, in this give and take world of hard won fly fishing knowledge, no one can be expected to divulge much useful information simply upon request. With that said, here are some hints about the Elk river fishery. From November to March the river is largely devoid of trout as they are mostly migratory spawning runs from upper Campbell lake occurring in Spring and early Summer. When done, these spawners head back to the lake where food supplies are more abundant. A few holdover trout do hang around in the deeper spots and snack on nymphs, adult insects and assorted bugs which fall into the water, then go back to the lake when food supplies peter-out.
There is no substitute for spending time on the water to build up your own memory bank of information. Trial and error is how most of us got to where we are.