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    Tim McKinnon

    Fly Tying Games

    Guaranteed $100 1st Prize Sponsored by Bret Walters , Brian McLean Chevrolet Buick GMC.

    All entry money will be paid out as prize money, will depend on number of entries.
    $10.00 entry fee. Need a minimum of 10 people to enter.
    Entry deadline will be at the Casting games May 17. Entry fee will be due and payable at that date, May 17th.

    Tie 10 flies that are on the web site. These are flies that we use on our waters and is a great way to stock your fly box and win a bit of cash. The way the fly looks on the website will be the benchmark for scoring. Must be your own fly, substitution of materials allowed. (example calftail instead of polar bear) try to have a hook that is similar in size. The flies will be scored on a point scale of 1 to 100. High score at the end of the contest wins.

    Deer Hair X-Caddis by Bob Adamschek
    Minnow in the Round by Nigel Burden
    Isla’s Special by Dean Hodgson
    Zucchini Chironomid by Don Jarman
    John O’Brien’s Pink Euphausiid by Wally Nowak

    First five flies due July 31

    Rory Glennie’s Pearl Mickey by Bob Hammersley
    Triple Header by Keith Shillito
    Gorman Style Egg by Dean Hodgson
    Murrays Rolled Muddler by Tom Murray
    Kelsey’s Hope by Dean Hodgson

    Second 5 flies due by Nov 15
    Winners to be announced at the Christmas Party. The flies will become the property of the Club

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    This looks great. Count me in. Thanks to Brett for coming up with this idea.

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