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    Was wonderin’, does anyone out there have any first hand experience with a Frog Boat? Why I ask is, any promotional material or videos of Frog Boats on the water show them in dead-calm situations. Do these funny looking little craft not do well in rough water? This question is appropriate given the number of times one goes out on a nice smooth day then at some point wind starts howling and the surface is no longer calm; actually it often gets quite choppy. In those conditions, getting back to safe harbour can be a real challenge at times.
    I contacted Mike Reilly, owner/operator of the Frog Boat company, asking him about the rough water capabilities of his craft. That was several weeks ago, but he has yet to respond to my inquiry. Surf on over to to see what I am talking about.
    I am looking to find a small, stable row boat that will fit into the cargo area of a Dodge Grand Caravan. The Frog Boat fits that criteria. But, if it does not safely handle rough water it is of little use to me.

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