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    Hey everybody, it’s time for a fishing trip to Horne Lake to catch some of those big cutthroat trout that are staging at the mouth of the Big Qualicum River getting ready to head up and spawn. Fisheries Biologist Scott Silvestri is running a project at the mouth of the river, trapping brood stock for the provincial hatchery at Duncan. The lake is high this year and they have had limited success with their trap because of it. They have several males so far, but are looking for some large females. This is where we come in, as Scott will be on hand to take any fish that we catch and put them in his live tank to transport them to the Duncan Hatchery. We just keep them in the water in our nets and phone Scott and he whips over in his boat to collect them. His cell phone # is 1(250)713-3921 Program it into your cell before you go. To get to Horne Lake head south on the Inland Highway and take the turnoff to Horne Lake and Spider Lake Provincial Parks. This road leads to Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park, so just follow the signs. You will travel along the side of Horne Lake to the head at which time you come to the Campsite. Drive in to the boat launch and launch your craft. After doing so remove your vehicle to the designated vehicle/trailer parking area which you will have traveled through going down to the boat launch. The boat launch is approximately 250 metres from the mouth of the Big Qualicum. No vehicle parking is allowed in the campsite area, the caretaker gets very upset if that happens. Scott will be using the boat launch as their operations area. Large leech patterns have worked well here in the past, usually black, dark green or blood red. I hope it is a decent day for weather and that as many fishers as possible attend. There is no need to reply to this message, unless you have questions for me, otherwise I’ll see you there……………your pres…………..Dean

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