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    Nigel Burden

    Early this morning, Rick Forster passed away peacefully, at home. It was sudden and unexpected. Laurel, his wife, has asked me to pass on the word to all his fishing buddies. Hence this note. I suggest you do not phone her immediately, as she is still processing the event.


    I remember Rick as a lively, fun loving kind of guy. Always ready to help out or give advice when needed. A stalwart organizer of CVFF club events. A keen fly-fisher. He is already missed.

    Cec Henley

    A few years back on a trip from hell to the interior Rick was one of few who had my back and was a great support to me. Often he acted a bit gruff but he really had a heart of gold and was a very loyal friend.


    I only knew Rick briefly but I concur with Cec’s note. On my first “boys” trip to the Cariboo Rick was the guy equipped with everything even a TV. He got my sounder batteries recharged and was very helpful.

    FJ Ensom

    He will be missed.
    Director’s Meetings, Fly tying nights, Fly tying with Norm and those “Plates” Restaurant breakfasts.
    The go-to guy for purchasing 50/50 tickets at the Club’s Annual Christmas Party.
    He served his Country, was a loyal friend and a great all ’round guy.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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