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    David Kalaski

    Hello All

    I recently moved to the Island after 20 years in the interior. While I am familiar with Island rivers from my early days of steelheading and am on my way to learning about beach fishing, I haven’t explored the local lakes. My driver now is my seven-year-old grandson who is ready to progress from dock fishing to still water angling. I’m thinking of starting him out at Spider Lake. So, my question’s are around access, timing, and to a lesser extent, local methods. Less concerned about methods as I look forward to learning the lake with him. I will be using a 12′ Al boat launch from a loader. Any and all comments will be appreciated.



    Hey David, welcome! Spider is a great fishing lake with both bass and stocked rainbows. Fishing is turning on right now and is pretty darn good throughout the year. Paved roads to within a few 100 meters. Day use provincial park makes for lots of activity on and around the lake in the summer and the local gravel pit can cause ongoing background noise. Limited parking right by the launch but there is a pretty good sized lot across the bay from the launch. The boat launch is a bit narrow and you have to be careful with rear-wheel drive vehicles as the loose gravel tends to lead to a lot of spin outs. No problems for front and 4 wheel drive. Restriction on motors – none, not even electric. Not restricted to fly fishing and when the bite is on almost anything will work but most success for me is slow troll, full sink with leech/pumpkin head kind of flys. Many have success with chronomids and other indicator methods. If you use the search function on the site and look up Spider Lake you will find lots of information! Good news is that fishing is still considered social distancing!!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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