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    Nigel Burden

    A WalkerBay 8, an injected-plastic indestructible dinghy, with oars & oar locks and a swivelling, comfortable high-backed seat. The boat is mounted with a floatation collar, providing excellent stability; included is a two wheeled dolly and yoke (the small wheel at the transom is useful only on paved surfaces, hence the dolly). Also there is a metal ramp to aid in loading the boat onto a pickup. Boating accessories include a mooring line, a boat hook, a foot-operated air pump for the collar, a rear-view mirror and a life vest.
    The package includes fishing equipment such as a Humminbird Buddy depth sounder (battery operated with 6 AAs supplied). There are two 5/6 wt rods with reels and lines mounted ~ one with a T-20 section for deep fishing, and one with a floating leader. There is a box containing many dozens of flies for stillwater fish. Accessories include a long-handled landing net, a net bag for keeping your catch in the water and an insulated box to return the fish home (cold pack not included). There is also a thermometer, a hook disgorger, forceps and a bailer, doubling as the very important pee bottle.
    There is a lidded tote to keep your wet/cold weather clothes dry and well as your lunch. It also holds a small container of spare nut/bolts along with a wrench.
    More info on Tangled Lines, including photos and costs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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