Pistol Pete.

Have you ever sat in a boat while your partner caught one nice fish after another while you got few or none?

Are you a purist or would you ask to borrow one of his Pistol Pete propeller flies?

I thought not!

However, if I were to stoop so low and cross over to the dark side, this is what I would tie.

Hook-Mustad 9672 or 79580. Size 12 or 14.

Thread ultra 70, colour of choice.

Size small gold propeller from Wapsi.

Gold bead 3/32 behind prop.

Pumpkin head  or wooly bugger style with a bit of flash in tail.

Or whatever pleases you.

Place a temporary spacer behind prop during tying to ensure that it turns free when fly is complete.

That is what I would do and also tie a few for my friend to replace the ones lost to large fish.

This message will self destruct in 5 minutes.