30 x 5 Times a Week

30 x 5 Times a Week

30 x 5 Times a Week!!

Has your doctor said those words to you? Mine has – quite a while ago; but, I still try to maintain the discipline.

30 x 5 times a week is the amount of exercise I’m tasked to complete. Doesn’t sound like much; but, still, it requires some dedication and perseverance. I’m not a fan of walking per se – I’ll moan and groan if I’m asked to go for a short stroll with Princess Gold. “Be a man!” is generally enough guilt for me to get moving.

However, give me the great outdoors and that’s a different story.

Having spent Monday in the presence of a fly fishing guru – I decided to get some casting experience with my two-handed rod and reel. “Practice, practice, practice.” Were the words I kept hearing in my mind?  With some enthusiasm, off to the nearby Puntledge River to cast.

I heard the river before spotting it, how could it be avoided? Water was quickly flowing from bank to bank. Seagulls looked like paper boats bobbing and weaving in the quick water. The smell of rotting and decaying fish was present; but, the high waters had pushed everything down-river and only a few cadavers remained.

Deciding to wear only my gumboots and not waders and fishing boots was not the best idea. The small beach area we have used for casting in the past was only showing a few feet of beach. Two steps in the river and already water was lapping over the boots. Small waves cascading one after another reminded me of the fresh water waves of Lake Huron. Like waves world-wide – constantly rolling to the shore, being followed by another.

Practice casting was given-up and overtaken by an enthusiastic stroll up the river bank. Camera phone in hand, I spent my time walking the river path with young and old alike. Dogs on leash and off, the smell of Medicinal Weed hanging in the air was a welcomed change from decaying flesh.

The Puntledge thundered and rolled along and I have attached some snaps to show.

Best part of the morning –I used-up more than my 30 minutes of exercise!