2023 Comox Valley Fly Fishers Christmas Party

2023 Comox Valley Fly Fishers Christmas Party




Some 48 participants were on-hand to enjoy an evening of fine food, conversations and “fishing tails/tales” at the Lower Hall of the Native Sons Lodge, Courtenay. As club members celebrated the 2023 CVFF Club Christmas Party.

President Dean Hodgson spoke to the many individuals who helped support club events without being asked. He reminded us of the friendships enjoyed, the stories of unselfish participation and the open sharing of ideas which allows the club to be successful in its’ non-political focus.

Guests included representatives of Club Sponsor ‘Gone Fishin’”. Members were reminded of the relationship between the club and those of the sponsor and the sponsor was thanked for their assistance through the years.

Another guest, spouse of a former past member, contributed a number of fishing related items for the Silent Auction on his behalf.

Member of the Year, Ron Sawula, was recognized for his unselfish participation.

Also, for his assistance and efforts, Cam Lewis was presented with a collection of flies expertly tied by senior members of the group.

The President’s Choice Award, presented to Bob (Ringer) Adamschek was an Extra Large empty fly box capable of holding 700+ flies. Perfect for the man who’s always searching for fly boxes of all sizes to hold those flies he has set aside in his warehouse-filled storage facility.

The Mishap Award: was presented to Dragon Lake swimmer, Don Jarman.
We heard an epic tale of his lake swimming and the loss of not one but twice the very same fly rod. The first to be rescued by the use of modern technology: an underwater camera and the second a dramatic near-miss of his rod and fish! His response and quick action saved the rod, reel and fish; but, ended him in the water and swimming to keep the rod and assembly together. Then his frustration of trying to get back in the boat – breaking-off the fish and continuing to struggle to climb back to safety. There was a happy and safe end to the story after all.

All which led to the serious discussion of attempting to get back into a boat and the difficulties to overcome. With a reminder to all boaters – to have some type of a ladder system to assist in getting back into the safety of the water device.

Thanks to all who participated and everyone who assisted to make the event a success.