Remembering Bill Bell

Remembering Bill Bell

Bill Bell – Fisherman’s Lodge, Oyster River BC. ORES – October 2016.


Bill Bell was a long-time member of the CVFF and the Oyster River Enhancement Society. He was also active in other organisations. My recollections of Bill do not go beyond the CVFF and ORES.

As I recall, he preferred fishing alone. He told me he used a “Rolled Muddler” for his adventures.

I remember, fishing partner Nigel Burden and I leaving the Oyster River at the top end of Glenmore Road one February 2014 day. As we prepared to leave, Bill drove-up in his trusty vehicle, always packed with his fishing gear, ready to set-off upstream to fish. From Nigel’s fishing notes at that time, “he (Bill) reported taking a nice trout from the Glenmore Pool on his last trip”.

As an ORES Member, he participated, without hesitation. Nothing mattered to Bill more than being in the water scooping fish, pitching-in with any work project that was on the list of activities for the day or just being with the group. He rarely missed an occasion at the hatchery.

Maybe last year, I bumped into Bill at his shop Northern Ropes and Industrial Supply. I stopped-in occasionally to say “hello” to his wife Joy and the boys working the counter. They were the ones who kept me current with Bill’s activities. That day, Bill, was at the loading dock,  collecting the cardboard recyclables to take-away in his vehicle.

As I hadn’t seen him, of course I asked if he had been fishing. Alas, he admitted, “no” he had difficulties with his legs and offered nothing more.

Like all those individuals who have gone before us, Bill will be remembered. Not only by his immediate family; but, those he touched through the Fly Club and ORES.