Somebody mention Wolf Lake?

As I was reading aloud an abstract from the Town Crier’s most recent fish-out at Spider Lake and mentioning Wolf Lake, Princess Gold asked: “Where’s Wolf Lake”? Of course, not knowing myself, I blundered forward: “somewhere around Campbell River.” Faster than a speeding bullet, she grabbed the Backroad Mapbook of Vancouver Island and exclaimed: “You’re so wrong. So wrong”!
OK, OK, I admitted defeat and next thing she says: “It’s on the way to Mt. Washington on the Strathcona Parkway. Well, if there’s going to be a fish-out at Wolf Lake, wouldn’t you like to know how to get there”? (Oh I hate that tone..)
So, we jumped- in the vehicle and headed-away. Taking the Duncan Bay Main from Strathcona Parkway – just past the first chain-up area, we drove along the gravel/muddy/pot-holed road. According to the Backroad Map, a boat launch and picnic area are present (at the north end of the lake).Sorry; but, not the case.
It is marked for Day Use Only and be prepared to wear your gumboots. The area is rock-strewn and muddy. Some tire tracks are in deep mud, some show actual tire tracks leading down close to the water. Not the suggested way to access the lake. Better to remove your boat at the top of the access point where parking is available and then transfer everything by hand. This launching point is vaguely similar to that of Spider Lake; however, much more difficult. Caution must be taken, as it’s slippery, wet and muddy.
Parking is available at the lake; but, restricted to five, six, maybe seven vehicles. There is parking at the top of the road leading down to the lake. Three at the most, without encroaching upon Duncan Bay Main.
Photos enclosed for a better idea. (Note: all photos resized for easier transmission and viewing.)