Welcome to the Comox Valley Flyfishers Club

Fishing Reports


            Hoping to repeat his last performance, theCourtJester drove to the Haig-Brown bar.  The two former club members, Chainsaw and Cliffee had long since departed. Before gearing up, Jester spoke with a pair of NCAs who were leaving; they reported some fish...

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            Hearing some encouraging news, theCourtJester drove to the Haig-Brown bar.  After gearing up, he walked across Hwy14 to find two former club members, Chainsaw and Cliffee about to leave with their catch.  They reported a “sh*tload of fish” present.  Jester...

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Campbell Pinks – July 30

My son Alex made his 3rd annual pilgrimage here to fish the Campbell for pinks. He was forced to take his vacation a few weeks early so when the Campbell did not produce the past days he was quite disappointed. Alex has a bit of a unique approach. He wades out often...

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Tangled Lines

Black is the new Orange?

  Every once in while change creeps in to an otherwise orderly assessment of how things should be. Take for instance, a certain “never fail” fly pattern. For years my go-to dry fly has been the Deer Hair Caddis (DHC). Both for Rainbow and Cutthroat trout, and for...

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The Shopkeeper’s Tale

And we sat there, like two bumps on a log, high above the emerald pool And trout were down there, circling ‘round there, in water so clear and so cool One rose, then another, leaving rise rings in the flow “I could cover that one while sitting here”, so he had to give...

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For the information of fly tiers: People who attended the Royston sessions in the Spring will perhaps remember that I had a couple of small triangular dishes which I used for sorting beads and such.  I had bought one pack from Scrapbook Central, on 14th.  Some of you...

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