Welcome to the Comox Valley Flyfishers Club

Fishing Reports


            TheCourtJester drove HisRoyalDashness to the river’s hatchery; our boys fished upstream, as downstream was native land.  No other anglers were seen, however the trails attracted many visitors ~ walkers (with and without dogs), cyclists and three young...

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It began as a rainy morning when theCourtJester drove HisRoyalDashness to the river, the rain soon ceasing on their way South. They chose the power line entry, a long and very rough road/trail. No other anglers were seen. Conditions were excellent ~ water: 17°C,...

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One Final visit to the Elk River

On Tuesday, Club member, Mike Mann and I wanted to give the Elk a final fish. When we float-fished Darkis Lake we decided we would head-over for a final fishing experience. I wanted Mike to see the area that I’ve been fishing with club members, Ron and Keith over the...

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Tangled Lines


For the information of fly tiers: People who attended the Royston sessions in the Spring will perhaps remember that I had a couple of small triangular dishes which I used for sorting beads and such.  I had bought one pack from Scrapbook Central, on 14th.  Some of you...

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Grasshopper Time

Traditionally, grasshoppers were a preferred bait of choice for summertime kids with a cane pole, a bit of string and a fishhook. No hard work digging for worms, just pounce on the hopper then stick it on the hook. Wipe brown-stained fingers -- from the “tobacco...

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A story to tell

Every once in a while a fishing story must be told.........even if it has nothing to do with Fly Fishing. Don Jarman, my brother-in-law Darryl, and I, Bruno A, recently returned from a  6 day fishing trip to Nootka chasing Chinook salmon. As luck would have it the big...

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