Leech patterns work well throughout the seasons.

  Of the hundreds of “leech” fly patterns out there, this one ,too, mimics the slinky, undulating movement and drab colouration of the natural. The heavy copper bead and supple marabou barbs helps achieve the undulation. During early season, right after ice-off, or in mid-summer doldrums or autumn wind-down, leeches regularly take good trout. Whether or not fish actually take them as the real McCoy is debatable. Thankfully, trout in lakes do strike them with gusto pretty well any time of the day or season.

Hook – Mustad 9672, size #6 or #8. De-barb and sharpen.

Thread – Black Uni-thread.

Tail – Greeny-brown marabou blood plume (colour of used motor oil).

Body – Continue with tail plume wound over hook shank.

Rib—Peacock herl, wound in open turns over body feather.

Hackle – Large, webby, black saddle hackle as full collar.

Head – 5mm Copper bead.

Leeches are best served wet.