A simple and effective fly style for plopping amongst Coho milling about in tight groups.

In contrast to the stealthy allure of a sparsely tied fly on an intermediate sink-rate line, the plop of this weighted fly as it hits the water and its quick descent seems to be attractive features when tossed out amongst milling Cohoes. When fished on a full floating line this fly is often taken on the drop. Patterns incorporating bead-heads or cone-heads should also work for this technique.

Hook – Mustad  34011SS size #6 or #8, de-barbed and sharpened.

Thread – 1/0 Unithread, to match/accent desired colour scheme.

Eyes – Small, chrome-plated lead dumbbell eyes.

Wings – Various combinations; orange over white, chartreuse over white etc.– polar bear hair or bucktail, natural white and dyed. — some UV reflective pearlescent Crystal Hair between the hair layers.

Head – hair tied back over and under lead eyes, clear lacquered over.

Note: Due to the weight of the lead eyes turning the fly upside down while in the water, the coloured hair is tied along the bottom side of the fly, which will then become the top side as intended.