Marabou Clouser

Hook – Mustad 34007, size #4. De-barb and sharpen.

Thread – Fluorescent pink or Chartreuse Uni-thread.

Body – Silver poly-braid wound on shank.

Wing – Marabou blood plume(s), layered.

Overwing – Crystal Flash, Flashabou or similar.

Eyes – Medium size lead-eyes, plated or plain.

Head – Tying thread, lacquered.

Note: Substitute and combine colours as required.


Bead-body Egg

Hook – Mustad 9174, size #2. De-barb and sharpen.

Thread – Chartreuse or pink Uni-thread.

Body – Two, 5mm. copper Cyclops Eyes beads slid onto hook shank.

Overbody – yarn/wool pulled over beads, tied down at tail.

Tail – stubby ends of the yarn/wool trimmed short.

Note: Combined chartreuse and pink is very effective in all water clarities. This fly pattern sinks quickly and provides a compact shock of colour to trigger a strike. The beads reduce the effective hook gape a bit, but it remains capable of hooking and holding well.