A very effective Steelhead and Cutthroat trout fly pattern.

A woodsy amalgamation of Haig-Brown’s Steelhead Bee and Lee Wulff’s series of dry-fly patterns, the Palmered Brown Bug presents a good silhouette on the surface. As well, when slightly drowned, the wings give the fly a jittery, fish enticing action when bucking the flow.

HOOK – Mustad 9672, size 10 or 12, de-barb and sharpen.

THREAD – Black Uni-Thread

TAIL – Natural, Grey Squirrel tail hair, stacked to even tips.

WING – Natural, Grey Squirrel tail hair, stacked to even tips, tied down and divided in two, pointing 45º forward.

BODY – Tying thread wound over hair butt ends, clear lacquered.

HACKLE – Natural red/brown rooster neck feather, wound on  Palmer style over entire body up to wing split.

RIB –  Two-pound test monofilament line, wound counter to hackle as reinforcing for hackle feather.

HEAD – Whip-finished tying thread, clear lacquered to secure.

After head cement has thoroughly dried, treat the feathers and hair with dry fly floatant for best buoyancy. Trim off hackle barbs on bottom of fly to improve hook-set ability. This fly is equally effective on the dead drift, skated over the fish or after it has sunk.