The evolution of a fly pattern for a specific species of salmon.

Neil’s Euphausiid, a.k.a. the California Neil, has become a go-to beach fly pattern for many salmon anglers. Neil’s Ghost is of that same woolly worm/woolly bugger tribe. The simplicity of design and use of toned down materials makes for an effective non-threatening Chum salmon enticer. When in the water, the scraggly white feathers slim down and seem somewhat jellyfish or squid-like in appearance… as if it belongs there.

Tying Neil’s Ghost

Hook – Mustad  34011SS size #4 or #6, de-barbed and sharpened.

Thread – 1/0 Unithread, fluorescent chartreuse.

Tail –  White marabou blood plume

Body – Tying thread wound over hook shank. Pearlescent poly-braid wound over thread base.

Hackle – White saddle hackle palmered over body and as collar.

Head – Tying thread sealed with clear lacquer.

Note: The pearlescent poly-braid mutes and diffuses the stark fluorescent chartreuse body and emits a ghostly ectoplasmic aura. The flowing hackles and motile tail move gently in the water as if alive.