Not to be confused with that other, surface, fly pattern with a similar name. This fly too offers a shock of pinkness with a wiggly tail, but is meant to be fished near the bottom of the stream.

Hook – size # 2,  Mustad 9174, (3X short, 2X strong bait hook) de-barb and sharpen.

Head – Copper Cyclops bead, 3/16″ diameter.

Thread – fluorescent pink 1/0 Unithread.

Tail – pink/white variegated chenille, twisted and doubled over.

Egg body – pink steelheader’s yarn, three 2″ long pieces.

Eye spot – fluorescent chartreuse steelheader’s yarn, one piece; and one third divided piece of black for eye spot.

Tying: slide bead onto hook, attach thread at mid hook position, tie in ends of chenille, lay yarn on top of hook in this order; pink, chartreuse, black — bind down yarn bundle in place with a few tight turns of thread at mid point, do not allow yarn to spin around hook shank, pull up bundle and encircle the bottom tight to the hook with a few tight turns of thread, tie-off thread. Pull up on yarn bundle and trim to a half-globe shape. Brush out yarn, and trim further if necessary to form a round ball encircling the hook shank.