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    Tim McKinnon

    Hi Folks. We’ve had an opportunity to have a look at Jerry Buron’s,A Complete Guide to Successful Chironomid Fishing. We think it is well worth purchasing. In fact, we’ve purchased a copy for the club library. It is available in BC for $33.95 at Michael and Young Fly Shop. Orders over $100 receive free shipping, so if you’re interested, reply to this posting and we’ll do a bulk order. Cam Lewis will be in charge of this and you can contact him at “clewis1966@gmail.com”.

    I’ve included a review of the book, below.

    Jerry Buron’s new book Complete Guide to Successful Chironomid Fishing has made it to British Columbia with a fanfare suitable for one of the best chironomid fishers and tyers casting a fly today. Unfortunately, the book has arrived without its author who is forced to remain in his home state of Washington until border restrictions are lifted and he can once again fish his favorite B.C. waters.
    Buron’s Complete Guide to Successful Chironomid Fishing is a labor of love that showcases his many talents: fly fisher, fly tyer, photographer and educator. At 136 glossy, colorful pages the book covers every aspect of chironomid fishing – from basic information on lines and leaders to insect life cycles and fly patterns for varying seasons and situations.
    Don’t know a chromer from a chaoborus? No worries. This book is suitable for all levels of expertise and will teach you a lot about the habits of the fish who feast on chironomids while providing advice from fishers who are constantly devising new techniques to catch them.
    As Brian Chan writes in the foreword to the book:
    “Mastering the art of chironomid fishing is the foundation of becoming a successful stillwater fly fisher. Jerry Buron has been an avid fly fisher for over 50 years and has spent many of those years learning and refining the art of fishing with chironomids. His career as a professional educator has allowed him to write an easy to read yet concise book on everything one needs to know about this important trout food source.”
    Jerry is well known as a member of the Evergreen Fly Fishing Club of Everett, Washington and has been a regular visitor to British Columbia’s lakes and rivers for over three decades. He’s known throughout the Pacific Northwest for his attention to collecting detailed information about the waters he fishes and his photography of wildlife – from beautiful Kamloops rainbows to tiny larvae and flies. There are many pages of glossy, color photographs accompanying each section of the book. Chapter 13 is dedicated to “Jerry’s Favorite Chironomid Patterns” – with step-by-step tying instructions and photographs accompanying each pattern.

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    David Willis


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